During the 60's, we spent the summers in
Ocean Gate, NJ.
We are hoping to locate everyone again
For a Summer '09 reunion.

1st pier gang rules!

Joe DiMaggio, email jd09@oceangatesummer.com
Foster Reed, email fosterr@oceangatesummer.com
Arleen Crelin Warwick, email arlene@oceangatesummer.com
Carl Ravotsas
Diane Avery
Danny Batilla
Danny Deany
Kathy Deeny
Rosilee Matero
Linda Close
Arleen Crelin Warwick
Terry Kempton
Shawn Kempton
Bill McClelland
Scott Greir
Ted Grier
Otto Page
Cathy Page
Lance Cornilious

1ST Pier Dinner Club
Thursday, Aug. 9, 2007

Foster & Marguerite

Margie, JoJo, Foster, Stewart, Arlene, Teddy

Arlene, Margie, Regina

Terry, David

Ed, Dottie, Donna, Paulie, Jean, Stewart, Foster, JoJo

Ann, Terry & JoJo